Whether you’re preparing for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GED, or any other test, effective test prep is essential for success. While there are plenty of test prep textbooks and practice tests available, these may not be enough to ensure that you perform at your best on test day. Fortunately, if you do a few things in the weeks (or months) leading up to the test, you can greatly increase your likelihood of success. Approaching this challenge strategically – and enlisting help from experts, like online tutors – can help you arrive prepared and confident on the day of your test.

1. Start Test Prep Early

First, don’t try to cram all of your studying in at the last minute. This is one of the least effective test prep strategies around. If you wait until the night before (or even the week before) your test to study all that you need to learn, you’ll have a very low chance of retaining the knowledge you need to achieve the score you want.

Conversely, by starting your test prep efforts as soon as possible, you’ll be on the road to success. If you have six months to prepare, you’ll have a lot more time to read the materials, practice committing important information to memory, and take practice tests as you go. Plus, you’ll have more time to identify areas where you’re having the most trouble. If you can spot a challenging subject six weeks out from your test, you’ll have time to seek out resources and help, like online tutoring and supplemental materials. You won’t have that luxury if you start studying the night before the exam.

2. Get Help from Online Tutors

Speaking of online tutoring, finding a tutor who can help you is a great way to ensure success on almost any standardized test or course. While your school may have a program that matches in-person tutors with students, this kind of service isn’t available everywhere. Plus, finding the time to go meet a tutor in person can be extremely difficult. That’s why a lot of the most successful students go online to find a tutor website where they can set up video conferences for online tutoring sessions.

3. Take Practice Tests

As you go through the materials that the test will cover, plan to take practice tests at appointed intervals leading up to test day. As you purchase test prep resources, be sure to grab texts with practice quizzes on individual sections and full practice tests on all tested materials. Once you have your study texts, look at how many tests and quizzes you have available to you. You may want to sit down in a call with your online tutor to plan out when you should take these tests and quizzes to get the best feedback on your progress.

For example, you might want to take an initial practice test when you first start your test prep. As you score yourself, look at the areas where you missed the most questions and where you

excelled the most. You can then use this information to help direct your online tutoring sessions to get the most benefit from your tutor’s expertise.

4. Create a Test Day Strategy

The week of the test, have a plan in place for success. In the final days before the test, your study efforts should be aimed at brushing up on any areas where you might still have difficulty, refreshing your knowledge, and getting ready to take the test. Be prepared for test day by creating a strategy to take the actual test. This should include:

· A plan to arrive at the test center with plenty of time before the test begins.

· Purchasing or gathering all the supplies you need to complete the test.

· Identifying practices that help you feel calm and confident as you enter the test room.

· Planning how you’ll manage your time throughout the test.

Online tutor services provide some of the best resources for test-takers. You can take advantage of all of their knowledge and resources without ever leaving your home. And, if you need help with multiple subjects, you can reach out to multiple tutors with different specializations to get the most help possible. Follow these tips and get help from one of the many tutors available through Tutors On Demand to get the best results on your test!