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How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring combines the skill of a tutor, the need of a student, and technology, allowing teaching to be conducted virtually, with the goal of improving the knowledge of the pupil.

Our tutors can help with English, Math, Sciences, and more. Check out the list of subjects our tutors can support. If you are looking for help with a subject you don’t see, contact us to see if arrangements can be made.

A tutor and a student meet in a “virtual room”, where they communicate with video, audio, chat, and a
virtual whiteboard.

Tutors On Demand has tutors available for all ages, from elementary school grades to college and university
courses. Accounts for underaged teens and children need to be set up by an adult

Tutors register with Tutors On Demand, listing their education credentials, which are verified, and their areas of expertise along with the levels of education they are able to tutor. They set their schedules to show their availability, and when a student or parent of a student finds a tutor that best meets their needs they can schedule a virtual tutoring session.

No, Tutors On Demand is exclusively an online tutoring service.

Tutors on Tutors On Demand are fluent in a variety of languages; check their profiles to see the information
for each individual tutor.

Absolutely. You may want to have a variety of tutors for a range of subjects, etc. Sometimes a student will learn differently with another tutor, so checking out other tutors is encouraged if you think someone else will better suit a student’s needs.

Some indicators of when your child could benefit from one-on-one help from a tutor are: slipping grades; being overwhelmed by workloads and deadlines; being consistently confused by new material; lacking confidence; needing more help than a parent can provide.

Tutors can help students of all ages understand new concepts, form good study habits, prepare for exams, and gain confidence in learning.

You will need a computer, laptop, or tablet that has a camera and microphone for communicating during a tutoring session. Unfortunately, most smartphones don’t have a large enough screen to properly use some of our features, like the whiteboard.

It is helpful if you have headphones or earphones for the student to use, as it reduces extra noises and helps with clarity.

How Much Does Online Tutoring Cost?

Our tutors set their own rates.

You will need to pay for the tutoring session when you schedule it.

No contracts! We operate “on demand”, just like our name states. And even if you purchase a package, if you would like to end the tutoring sessions before your package is used up we can issue a refund for the unused portion.

If you cancel the tutoring session with the required six (6) hour notice you will receive a refund, minus a small cancellation fee. But keep in mind, you can reschedule many appointments rather than cancel them.

If the tutor you have scheduled a tutoring session with gives you less than six (6) hours notice, or if the session can’t be rescheduled, you will receive a replacement for the missed session.

For Tutors

Clients wishing to hire you as a tutor, whether for themselves or their child/children, can find you in the list of tutors; be sure to keep your schedule calendar up-to-date, so they can see your availability when they’re ready to book. Also, submit all of your relevant information, so they can see the subjects and specialties you can help them with.

Tutors will be paid on the first day of the month for the sessions conducted in the previous month.

Tutors On Demand will retain a service fee for each tutoring session you conduct; see the Fee Terms Guideline for details.

If a student gives the mandatory notice of six (6) hours to cancel a session, you will not receive any payment, as you will then be available for other students. If the required notice is not given, and the student does not join the session within 15 minutes of the start time you will receive an expense allowance for the session, as outlined in the Fee Terms Guideline. Please notify Tutors On Demand if this happens.

Try to reschedule it with the student, but if that doesn’t work, if you give the student less than 6 hours notice they will receive a full refund, and you may be charged a service fee.

No, we don’t take any taxes off of tutors’ pay; you are an independent contractor, so you will need to check with Revenue Canada or the IRS for more details.

Find a quiet, private area for the student, so there are as fewer distractions.

Make sure your device is plugged in or is fully charged.

We recommend that you are set up at least five minutes ahead of your tutoring session, to allow the time to make sure all your settings are correct and your device is working properly.

Technical Questions

If you have issues with your internet connection:

1. Whenever possible, use a wired connection rather than using Wi-Fi (a wireless connection). Your connection will be much stronger when your device is connected to the internet via a cable.

2. Refresh your browser, and then reconnect to your tutoring session.

3. Restart your device. Unfortunately, unless you can make special arrangements to extend your appointment with the tutor, you may lose the time it takes to restart and reconnect.

4. Switch browsers. Some options to try are Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. And be sure to have the latest version of whichever browser you use on the device you are using for your tutoring session.

If you continue to have connection issues, check with your internet service provider to make sure they aren’t having any issues, and if the problems still persist, contact Tutors On Demand, and we will check things on our end.

Tell the tutor you can’t hear him or her, verbally and/or through the chat area. The tutor may have turned their microphone to mute, which should be easy for them to correct. Also, make sure your volume is set at a level where you can hear clearly.

Check the microphone settings on your device. If the microphone icon has a line through it, click on it to take it off the “mute” setting.

Check your device’s permission settings for the microphone. You should find the settings in your computer’s or laptop’s control panel. Look for the “Sound” category, and make sure the speakers or headphones are set properly.

The video icon will show on your screen when you move your mouse or touch the screen, if your device has a touch-screen. If the icon has a line through it, click it, and the video should start to work.

To start your tutoring session, you can click on the link that has been included in the confirmation email that was sent to you. Or sign into your account at Tutors On Demand, and click to open your session in the “Appointments” area of your Dashboard. When your tutor has “opened the room” click on the “Join Call” button to start your session.