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Re you passionate about helping kids discover their full potential? Sign up and we connect you with students that are looking for tutoring in your area of specialty, with the type of Students you love.

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Our online Whiteboard allows you to provide an interactive learning experience with student. Our booking system pairs tutors and students based on grade level and tutor specialty.

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Earn up to $25 per session.  Get paid monthly with the opportunity to earn incentives and bonuses, based on the number of completed appointments.

We are looking for top rated tutors to join our team to offer students a learning path that will set them up for success, and help them achieve higher grades and confidence in the classroom. Have you considered a more flexible career that offers work/life balance?  We take care of your marketing, billing and business development so that you can focus on a rewarding career helping kids reach their full potential.

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Tutors start at a $17.00/per session rate, and earn bonuses based on the number of sessions completed.